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6 Reasons to Hire a Court Reporter

In this day and age, complete with digital advancements and revolutionary applications, it’s no wonder that Court Reporting is being inundated with the latest tech-driven options. Unfortunately, the digital age can prove to be more problem-causing than problem-solving, especially when it comes to the legal sector.


As stated by First Choice Reporting, it is imperative, more than ever, to have a trained, experienced and knowledgeable Court Reporter on your team. Court Reporters provide an unrivaled and essential service by providing accurate, verbatim testimony for depositions, trials, hearings arbitrations and meetings.


Here are six reasons why you should consider hiring an On the Record court reporter:


  1. Real-Time Translation of Testimony: You can only receive Real-Time Translation of testimony through a stenographic or verbatim reporter.
  2. Expedited Draft Transcripts: Court reporters are able to provide a draft of the transcript at the conclusion of the proceedings, as opposed to digital reporters which can take days, and sometimes weeks, to prepare.
  3. Reading Testimony Back During Deposition: Oftentimes, there is a need to read a portion of the testimony back during proceedings. Scanning through a digital recording can be tedious and time-consuming while waiting for the recording operator to locate the specific area of dialogue. A court reporter is trained to quickly scan their notes to locate the requested portion and read it back.
  4. Management of Dialogue: If more than one person is talking during the proceedings, a court reporter is able to catch the multiple layers of dialogue and request, “One at a time, please.” This allows the reporter to ensure each word is recorded and attributed to the right person.

  5. Training: Unlike digital recorders who only receive less than two weeks training, On the Record, LLC Certified Court Reporters go through an extensive two-year college training program that includes learning legal and medical terminology, courtroom protocol and Georgia’s Rules of Civil Procedure.
  6. Personal Touch: The last thing you need to worry about is the accuracy of your transcript. With a court reporter, you have the comfort in knowing that the person who took down the testimony is the same person who prepared your transcript. With a digital recording, the audio file is outsourced to a third party, sometimes overseas, to be typed from the audio. This can result in many inaudibles and inaccuracies throughout your transcript.



Preparing for a case is trying enough. There’s no need to make it more complicated by not using a professional experienced Court Reporter.

To find out more about how a we can help you with your legal needs, call On the Record, LLC today.

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